Be Strong and Courageous

By 29/12/2020From Nigel

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  • Rose Dorse says:

    Thank you for this encouraging message Nigel. At present I sort of feel like the people of Israel who were in bondage to slavery. We are in bondage to Covid 19 at present ,however, if I look back and remember how God has got me through and has always been with me, it gives me the courage to face 2021. Thank you for encouraging us to Be Strong and Courageous!
    I will try and develop a “Joshua Heart”, facing adversity but knowing that I’m not alone in my travels.
    Wishing you and Cally a Blessed and Happy New Year.

  • Jonathan Burrows says:

    Thank you Nigel for that reminder to always remember the faithfulness of God. He will accomplish all he said he will do. And Jesus, our strong and courageous captain, sends us with the promise never to leave us or forsake us. What have we to fear?!
    Happy 2021 everyone

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