Faith deeply rooted in the Bible

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We are followers of Jesus. We have a faith deeply rooted in The Bible and experience God’s power in our lives through the Holy Spirit. So when you come among us you will see a church where…

We put Christ first in everything

We love Jesus and put him first in our lives. We want to show this in everything we do and everything we are. We worship him and will follow him to the ends of the earth.

We handle Scripture faithfully

We believe the bible is our reference point. It shapes our lives. It’s as fresh and new today as when it was written. Because it’s relevant, we’re not afraid to use it to wrestle with difficult and challenging questions.

Authentic relationships matter

Being friends is at the heart of everything we do. We meet as friends. We worship as friends. We serve as friends. We try to build lasting relationships with everyone we meet. We choose to honour everyone and demonstrate grace in everything.

There is a place for everyone

You are welcome here. Whoever you are, whatever your story we hope you will find a home with us. We show Jesus through our love for everyone, and whilst we are all different, we celebrate our unity in him.

We have a heart to serve others

Jesus is our role model for serving, both inside the church and beyond. That’s why we serve one another, the community we live in and the wider world, not counting the cost. We will be kind to you. We will do you good.

We aim to be the best we can be

We are called to be like Jesus. This means we do whatever we do to the best of our abilities, using all the gifts and resources that God has given us.