Silas’s Story


Hi, I am Silas. And I Did my Masters in Computer Networks from Glyndwr University Wrexham. I am from southern part of India. And I live with my Parents.

Silas GraduationIn year 2009 January I landed in UK to pursue my masters in Glyndwr University. It was snow everywhere and it was the first time for me to see the snow. I was bit down as I was never away from my family and friends before. So many questions have been roaming in my mind at that sort of time. How would this people treat me? How to make new friends? Where to find new church? And many…. The day which I landed happened to be Saturday. So the next day my roommate who was an Indian asked me whether I want to come along to church which is in University campus. I said yes to him and we both walked to Gateway Church which was in main block.

SilasThe moment I passed the door I was welcomed by volunteers with a big smile on their face. Which was a new thing for me. Because in my home church no new visitor was welcomed such a way. I was happy that they welcome me cheerfully even though I was totally a stranger to them. I entered into hall where the gathering take place and sat in corner as I don’t want to get noticed by others. After the sermon I wanted to leave early as I was nervous and shy to talk to people. But for my surprise most of church members were waiting to have a quick chat at the place where coffee served. I made many friends on the very first day and I fall short of words with joy. I never expected that some stranger whom they never knew would be welcomed such a way. They made me feel like I was already a part of gate way church, and this thing touched me a lot. After the church they took me to lunch. And I spent that whole day sharing about me and knowing about Gateway Church.

SilasFrom then Gateway Church made a special place for me in my heart. Slowly I become the active member of Gateway family. I was never felt different as I was from other country. Every moment I spent with them they made me realized I was one among them.  Every Sunday I use to get invitation from one of the family of Gateway Church to have lunch with them at their home. Through which I came to know almost every family of Gateway. And every Tuesday I use to go for Connect Group where I got opportunity to grow more spiritually. As long I stayed in UK, I had an opportunity to visit Brighton for “Together on a Mission” International conference every year. There are so many places and worship events I have been along with Gateway Church which I can’t even count.  Every minute of staying in UK along with Gateway was just an immense blessing to me and an encouragement to my spiritual life.

SilasI had a weakness, I was a shy person never dared myself to talk with others. But I have overcome it. Gateway taught me so many life lessons socially and spiritually. Whatever God taught me while I was at Gateway, now I put it in practice in my local church so that I can help my church youth to grow spiritually. Every second I spent with Gateway was a blessing in my life and I carry those blessings till end of my life. Now I take seminars, organize events to youth which would have been impossible if I never met Gateway church family.

I really miss Gateway church very much. But sometimes I think that it’s God’s plan and will to be a part of Gateway and carry out to others what I have learnt and know from Gateway.

Finally I just can’t thank one person in specific. But I just thank from bottom of my heart each and every one who is part of MY Gateway family. And I can never repay in this life time that love and care which you shown to me. Thank You Gateway for being there for me always and accepting me and counting me as one in your family.

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